Wednesday 19th December 2012

When I heard that the weather forecast was giving an amber alert, I should have been suitably concerned. Instead, the only thing I could think about was Red Dwarf and the need to change the light bulb to have any colour alert other than blue. Does the Met Office have a supply of different colour bulbs? Perhaps I need to get out more; I certainly need to fly more.

After last night’s torrential rain the airfield was too wet to stand on let alone fly from. Instructor Bob Pirie was standing by in North Devon just in case we could find a way to fly. But with the strengthening wind, frequent showers and lowering cloudbase his services were not needed. Thanks anyway Bob.

The view from the hangar by early afternoon says it all 
We welcomed visitor Michael Langdon-Howe, who was originally booked in for a One Day course today. While the members got on with a little work, wood chopping, scrap metal removal and refurbishment of the “old” quad bike, I introduced Michael to the club facilities, the aircraft and an in depth discussion about gliding followed by a “flying controls” lesson using the simulator. He will return on a better day to complete his course.

Steve looks very please with his early christmas present
There is one piece of news that we seemed to have overlooked. Steve Raine has joined Mike Jardine and Dene “Scratch” Hitchin in the Astir syndicate. He is very pleased with his purchase and is looking forward to flying it.


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