Dartmoor Gliding News-Wednesday 14th October 2015

The Jet Stream is nicely in place at the moment. The flow of low pressure systems is being directed away from the UK leaving us in a Polar Continental airflow giving very nice blue sky conditions albeit rather cold.

This morning there was a beautiful blue sky from horizon to horizon. Gradually the thermal activity produced some CU which rapidly organised themselves into streets in the brisk NNE breeze. As the day progressed the conditions overdeveloped a couple of times temporarily cutting off the thermals.

Richard Roberts readying the K6 with a beautiful cloud street behind
 Encouraged by the conditions a couple of private aircraft joined the club fleet in an enjoyable soaring day. Best flight was by Richard Roberts in his K6 with 1 hour and 14 minutes. An interesting flight later in the day was made by David Rippon in the Zugvogel who managed to get to 3800 feet a clear 100 feet higher than the earlier any of the earlier flights.

David Rippon piloted the Zugvogel to 3800 feet 
Our visitors today were John Redaway and husband and wife team Alex and Rosemary Starr who all flew with Fred Marks in K13 G-CHXP.

Husband and wife team Alex and Rosemary share a joke with IFP Fred
John redaway with Fred in the K13
Our thanks once again go to Barry for his winch driving and to Heather who drove retrieve for the whole day.


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