Dartmoor Gliding News-Wednesday 7th October 2015

Low pressure is with us and has presented a westerly airflow today; not the gentle zephyrs of last week but a strong 15 knot flow with 20+ knot gusts. There was not much risk of showers and there were some great looking cloud streets to explore.

Did I mention it was cold? Steve Raine is wrapped up well in the Astir cockpit
Tempted by the good looking sky and the K13’s soaring during their first flights, the club fleet was joined by the Open Cirrus, an Astir and Bob's immaculate K8. There were lots of short soaring flights as the challenges of getting upwind to the next thermals were faced. Honours for the best flight of the day was shared between Mike Gadd in the Open Cirrus and trainee Mike Bennett with Ged in K13 with flights of 29 minutes. Given the relative performances of these aircraft I think I know where the moral victory lies.

Fred Marks ( centre ) with his flying group Christine, Phil and Peter
 IFP Fred Marks was kept busy flying a group of three friends who had all booked trial flights. They bravely elected Christine Bromley to fly first followed by Phil Mooney and Peter Austin. All 3 enjoyed their soaring flights.

Today's grid ( missing the Astir which was airborne when I took the Picture ) 
By 5:30 we had had enough of the cold winds and returned to the hangar after achieving 27 trouble free launches.

Thanks everyone.


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