Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 31st October 2015

Today started with the most spectacular sunrise, at one point the sky was bright red and as the sun climbed the blue sky was a really vivid blue. Wait a minute “Red sky in the morning – Sailors warning”. Today was going to dispel this old wives tale for what it was.

Why “Old Wives Tale” I wonder. How old does a wife have to be to be “Old”?  Why do they have the reputation for spreading false statements? Anyway I digress.

K13 G-CHXP climbs into the clear sky.
The day was beautiful with light SE winds. A clear blue sky and it was warm enough to spend the whole day without needing additional clothing layers. Great.

New Solo Pilot Simon Collier
There was very little sign of any thermal or wave activity but this did not reduce the enthusiasm. CFI Don Puttock led a busy training programme. First up was Simon Collier who had a couple of check flights before completing his first solo flights at Brentor. Well done Simon.

Don With Amelia and Richard
The balance of Don’s list today were new members, father and daughter team Richard and Amelia Johnson, followed by Mike Bennett and Stephen Fletcher. All seem to be making good progress.

Mary Tavy from circuit height
Today we welcomed visitor Jonathan Williams who had a couple of flights with Introductory Flight Pilot Roger Green.

Visitor Jonathan Williams and Roger Green.
At the other end of the field Rick Wiles spent most of the day training new winch drivers. Thanks everyone.


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