Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 23rd January 2016

The weather threw everything at us today. Early flying was stopped by low cloud and mist. This gave way to a period of very strong, very strong SE winds which was followed up by torrential rain by mid afternoon.

But showing the resilience of the granite which underpins Dartmoor, the members just got on with their various self appointed tasks.

Rick, Mike and David were working away on the Guslaunch winch which ended the day with both cylinder heads removed ready for the required new gaskets.

Working in the hangar.
Ged spent the day quietly in the clubhouse working on the paperwork for the Twin Astir. He has been checking the compliance with all the Airworthiness Directives for this aircraft of which there are dozens. He seemed to make good progress.

Ged in studious mood
Mike Jardine spent the day “fettling” his Astir. The only question was where was his syndicate partner?

Mike fettling the Astir

More flying weather please.


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