Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 16th April 2016

Today looked promising. The weather would be reasonable with perhaps a little stronger northerly wind than is idea. Even RASP ( Regional Atmospheric Soaring Predictions ) was playing ball. In the event, the soaring was good and the wind was more a little more westerly than forecast giving cloud streets leading all the way to the horizon.

A good looking sky ( photo by Steven Ellis)
Surprisingly the club was quiet. Where were the members on such a good day. A few were missing because they were preparing for the club expedition to the Long Mynd tomorrow. In fact Mike Gadd headed off today with his Open Cirrus in it's trailer in tow. Hopefully we will get some reports of their exploits when they get back.

The Zugvogel waits quietly for a pilot ( photo by Steven Ellis )
We welcomed two visitors today. Emma North and Max Zaraisky, a young couple from London who are relaxing in the area prior to their wedding in six weeks time. Both enjoyed their flights and we wish them well.

Visitor Max Zaraisky ( photo by Steven Ellis )
And his fiance Emma North ( photo by Steven Ellis )
New member Steve Ellis made the most of the quiet flying list to have a couple of soaring flights with Rick. In fact almost all the flights were soaring with pilots returning with tales of 4000 feet cloud bases and thermals pushing the the gliders skywards at almost indecently high speeds. Talk of 6 knot averages were commonplace.

Steven Ellis ready to go soaring
The airfield looks dry from up here. In fact some areas are still soft
Thanks today to everyone who turned up and made today's flying possible. A special mention is due to new member Steven Ellis who helped out where he could and even helped to supply most of the photos for this blog.

So, if you want a one,two, or five hour flight, today would have been your day.


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