Dartmoor Gliding News-Sunday 24th July 2016

Whilst the last two days have been relatively quiet, weather wise, today a pronounced and very well predicted depression was due to arrive – the only question was – when? With bets being taken for 1000, 1200 and 1300, some (misguided) people thought it might be worthwhile getting in a morning’s flying before the rain arrived. Those thoughts were rapidly proved to be premature as precipitation arrived just as we were flashing up the generator.

The day started like this…
So it was out with the books, progress cards and weighing specs for an informal talk-in about anything and everything we could think of, in particular to prepare Dave Downton for next week’s Flying Week, before deciding that we really should spend more time with our families.

…and finished like this (there is a church there, somewhere…)
 In the afternoon news arrived that our participation in the Inter Club League (this weekend taking place at The Park) had been resulted in a finishing place of third! With Roger Appleboom having obtained Silver Distance – many congratulations, Roger! The club is deeply indebted to Richard Roberts for his great enthusiasm in championing the ICL this year – thanks, Rich and here’s to an even better year next year..! (Photos from Roger’s flight are being posted separately.)

Martin Cropper

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