Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 4th Februay 2017

With the torrential rains and gale force winds of the last couple of days, it was definitely looking unlikely that we would fly today. But Saturday dawned with blue skies and light variable winds. Careful study of the forecast indicated that this would be a brief respite before the next front arrived around mid afternoon. So the airfield was readied for as much flying as we could fit in.

The scouts from the 6th Plympton group with todat's pilots.
Today we welcomed visitors from the 6th Plympton Scouts looking to earn their aviation badges. We started the flying programme with enthusiasm and the first flights were completed in beautiful ( but cold ) conditions with very smooth air aloft and some great views. for our visitors to enjoy. Unfortunately just before 1pm the wind suddenly built to 15 knots+ from the south as the approaching front made it's presence felt and we reluctantly called a halt to the flying. The scouts who didn't fly will be returning next week. We did, however manage to help complete three aviation badges which we had great pleasure presenting.

Steve Raine presents a young flyer with his aviation badge
The scouts were not the only visitors today. We also had a visit from a large group of cubs who spent their time watching the glider launching, inspecting the aircraft and using the simulator. Great fun.

The crosswind which ended today's fun
Just after the aircraft were cleaned and returned to the hangar, it started to rain. This very quickly turned to sleet and snow which was our encouragement to leave for the day.

Many thanks to everyone who helped make this day a success.


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