Dartmoor Gliding News-Wednesday 21st June 2017

A glorious sunny hot day welcomed us to the field but as always on a day like that the possibility of soaring was going to be very limited. Mike Sloggett was duty instructor and Steve Raine was IFP. Steve took trial flight visitor Jason Bennet up for a couple of flights but was back down within 6 mins due to lack of thermic activity.

K13 G-DDMX waits expectantly under a blue sky
Mike Sloggett flew with Callum Doyle and Andy Davey. Steve Raine flew again with Terence Mandela another trial flight but again the flight was short. The soarers went up in the k8 but only managed around 5 mins. The best flight in the morning being only 17 mins by me in the K8.

Today's Launch queue
Around 2 o'clock the wind picked up and veered a little to the west so the decision was taken to change ends. The twin astir syndicate took to the air a number of times but never managed more than 5 mins each time. Even Allan Holland was struggling managing just 16 mins.

Try as we may it proved difficult to stay up, Allen Holland trying a last minute flight at 5 o'clock to see if he could beat 17 mins but after 8 he was back on the ground again. Well what a turn up, sorry Allen, I will try not to beat you again!

Steve Fletcher

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Rich Roberts said...

Oh that's going to come back and get you. The mighty Mr One Hour Holland will even that up very very soon !😁