Dartmoor Gliding News-Wednesday 12th July 2017

The morning conditions looked unspectacular but the assembled pilots prepared the equipment and then waited for the improvement as forecast by RASP.

Zugvogel, K8 and K13 waiting for the forecast improvement
The flying programme started with newly solo pilot Andy Davey. After a successful check flight followed by a practice cable break Andy then flew the K13 solo with 2 flights of 17 minutes and 12 minutes.    

Looking south towards Plymouth from the airfield
This one has me puzzled. Which village is this?
The conditions did indeed follow RASP and by early afternoon the pilots were treated with some very strong thermal conditions ( ie. very strong thermals surrounded by very strong sink.)  Best flight of the day was Steve Fletcher in the Open Cirrus who spent 3 hours and 10 minutes soaring in the classic summer conditions.

Steve's view from the Open Cirrus at 2700 feet above the airfield
Many thanks, once again, to instructor Mike Sloggett for supervising the day, and to everyone else who helped.


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