Dartmoor Gliding News-Wednesday 19th Juky 2017

Having checked the met and rasp forecast on Tuesday evening the weather looked hopeful for some flying on Wednesday afternoon. Unfortunately overnight the forecasters changed their minds but couldn't agree on what the forecast should be with the standard met forecast for Mary Tavy being different from the aviation forecast and the rasp being different again. In the end the weather followed its usual pattern of not following any of them and the low cloud and fog hung over the airfield with depressing certainty.

So the merry band of members that turned up drank tea, discussed putting the world to rights before venturing out to get some jobs done. Steve Raine, Phil Hardwick and I replaced the wheel on the David brown tractor, Phil providing the spare wheel and knowledge whilst us two Steves provided enthusiasm.

It's only flat at the bottom ( honest)

That's better
In the workshop Barry Green and Dave Downton under the watchful eye of Colin continued to work on the k13 wing ready for covering.

The cathedral of patience otherwise known as the workshop
Everyone else including Bob Sansom, Heather, Martin Broadway, Andy Davey and Mike Sloggett worked hard weeding the area where the new workshop will go.

Thanks to everyone for turning up and mucking in.

Steve Fletcher

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