Dartmoor Gliding News-Sunday 13th August 2017

A steady southerly wind greeted us this morning (ie. not the south-westerly predicted), but it was well within limits and with the cloudbase rising all the prospects were looking good.

Our One Day Course student, ornithologist Tim O'Leary arrived spot on 9:30 am for his welcome presentation with Roger Appleboom, and our other visitors, Gary Andrews and Stephen Venning, were also very prompt. Although the sky looked promising it delivered only in fits and starts, hence both visitors were treated to two short flights in K-13 HXP.

One Day Course student Tim O’Leary is congratulated by Instructor Roger Appleboom
at the end of a successful day.
Visitor Gary Andrews also flew with Roger Appleboom.
A picture of concentration as visitor Stephen Venning
Star billing today has to go to Philip Hardwick (Farmer Phil) who, after a couple of hours winching, brought his Astir to the launchpoint, surveyed the sky and then launched into the only usable cumulus in the sky (over the launchpoint, and thence downwind), taking him to cloudbase at 2,500ft for a Flight of the Day winning 1 hr 25 mins. Leith Whittington came a close second (well, using the term 'close' loosely) in the single seater stakes with 11 mins whilst in the two seaters Roger Appleboom and Tim O'Leary did best with 20 mins, whilst Ed Borlase (with Martin Cropper) managed a very creditable 13 mins scratching at 800ft approx just to the south of the site.

Dave Downton about to be launched in his immaculate and resplendent K-6 Easyjet..!
 ...And away he goes..!
And the prize for most colourful glider at Brentor to date must surely go to Dave Downton's immaculately finished and resplendent K-6, or K-6Easyjet, as it is alternatively known. Dave is thoroughly enjoying his new mount, with its superior performance, “It just doesn't seem to want to come down!” he said. If only all gliders were like that (ie. orange..!)

 Cirrus towards the end of the day herald rain for Monday morning...
Martin Cropper

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