Dartmoor Gliding News-Sunday 20th August 2017

Today was a day of two halves: the first cable and the second.  With a warm front predicted to arrive at either 1200 or 1430 (depending on which forecast you favoured) and with Dave (The 'Voice') Downton having confirmed that the father and son One Day Course had been rescheduled, at 0905 a very short conversation between the assembled throng ascertained a. that we had sufficient to run the field safely and that b. Pete Howarth was concerned to maintain his currency as handling Pilot in Charge. So without further ado we got the cables out, a single K-13 and by 0950 we were flying.  So on a Sunday in the second half of August we were able to say “Welcome to DGS's Shortest Day”.   

The first launch took Pete and Ed Borlase through some wispy cloud to a full launch height, followed by a normal circuit (as posted by Ed on Facebook); the second took the pair into a wall of cloud, an early release and hangar landing.  By 1030 the gliders were back in the hangar and the rain (early for once) had started.   
Peter Howarth and Ed Borlase about to launch on the first (and penultimate) cable. 
The clouds in the background tell their own story.
So having achieved all Key Performance Indicators (including the one that says 'give the gliders a good wipe down, especially in the elevator hinges, if they have become wet') by lunchtime we had called it a day.

Thanks go to Dave Downton for winching, and to everyone involved for the swift, efficient manner in which the kit was got out and prepared for use.  If only every day was as easy to set up as today...

Martin Cropper

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