Dartmoor Gliding News-Sunday 30th July 2017

Followers of 1980's disco supergroup Imagination will already know that their No2 hit, 'It's Just an Occlusion' is often the reason for stopping gliding, and so it proved today.

 K-13 HXP is towed out under an interesting sky.
But not before a spirited and determined team had decided to get the most from the day before said occlusion arrived. With One Day Course student Peter Sings on hand and the wind a moderate south-westerly breeze, Duty Instructor Peter Howarth got K-13 HXP to the launchpoint under an interesting sky (see photo) and by a little after 1030 we were off. Andy Davey was today's trainee, having recently solo'ed during a couple of one week courses at Lasham (congratulations, Andy!), whilst Roger Appleboom flew with Peter Sings.

The first light shower arrived at 1130, causing a fifteen minute break in proceedings, to be followed by a full blown opening of the heavens at 1230 (see photo) which stopped flying for an hour. On resuming operations at 1:30 pm Roger Appleboom, reaching the top of the launch, determined that what could see to the SW was certainly no illusion, but the occlusion itself, and thus that the safest option was to get the K-13 back under cover before things became too challenging.

A rain shower moves up the Tavy valley.
‘New’ winch ML2 defies an angry sky...
 ...and the resulting downpour.
As we treated ourselves to an early beer, Peter Sings departed clutching his temporary membership card declaring that he certainly would be back. So, worth it to gain a new member? Most definitely..!

Martin Cropper

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