Dartmoor Gliding News-Sunday 19th September 2017

Firstly I would like to apologise if this blog is not up to the usual eloquent standards of the usual author. I turned up at the airfield slightly later than usual to be greeted by a small group of perplexed glider pilots who asked are we flying today as the airfield is quite wet after yesterday’s rain. The decision was yes, but we will limit traffic on the field to the retrieve disco and the quad bikes for glider retrieval. So with a north easterly forecast we set about changing ends and getting the gliders ready for flying. With both the K8 and Zug being CofA’d we were restricted to the two K13’s. First flight of the day was achieved at a respectable 10:27.

Today’s ODC was James Bidlake who had a couple of Introductory flights with Roger Applebloom and later completed the rest of his flying with me. By the end of the day he was successfully flying the K13 around with a little prompting from me. He thoroughly enjoyed his day and expressed his interest in taking up flying sometime in the future. His commute from Hong Kong where he works will make it difficult for the time being.

James Bidlake
Another two of our visitors were Evelyn Gartside and Mark Jarman who flew with me. Evelyn was down on holiday and wanted to fly at our club. She usually flies at Lasham and enjoyed her two short flights. Mark has recently moved to Devon and has been flying at Sutton Bank. After a year away from flying he is hoping to join us and re-solo with us at Dartmoor.

Evelyn Gartside
Mark Jerman
Roger was also kept very busy with our other visitors, Phil Archer,Peter Phillips, Penny Tillyer and Johnathan Harris. All went away happy and smiles on their faces. The airfield was quite crowded at times as our visitors all seemed to turn up with numerous friends and family.

Phil Archer
Penny Tillyer
Peter Phillips
Club flying was limited due to the lack of aircraft. After his recent break David Westcott was pleased to get back into the air with two full flights and a quick cable break practice to shake the cobwebs off. Towards the end of the day our recent soloist Ed Borlase took to the air with me. After a quick couple of flights to reacquaint him with flying from the west end, he consolidated with two solo flights and perfect landings. Well done Ed. Jo Nobbs also had a quick couple of flights with Roger to help keep currency. Robin Wilson flew his K6 to achieve the longest flight of the day 37 minutes. Leith added to the club coffers with his usual enthusiasm.

A big thank you must go to “The Voice” Dave Downton, who chose to winch all day and not to fly. Also Adrian Irwin who helped out on the field without flying. Thank you both and everybody else who helped achieve a successful days flying of 32 flights.

Peter Howarth

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