Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 21st October 2017

We are in the grips of storm "Brian" with it's attendant high winds and torrential bouts of rain. The airfield is as wet as I have ever seen it. Needless to say the aircraft stayed firmly in the hangar.

Morning lecture
 All was not lost though. Not one to waste an opportunity, Instructor Rick Wiles presented a lecture to our attending trainees on the Symptoms Of the Approaching Stall. This was also attended by some experienced pilots hoping to refresh their knowledge.

Rick wrestling the Discovery brakes into submission
Later Rick, along with Safety Officer Scratch, were to be found in the hangar finishing the front brake refurbishment of the Gold Discovery which is now fully operational once more. Out on the airfield ( in the rain !!) Steve Raine and Mike Jardine spent time modifying the trailer equipment for their Astir CS - now that's dedication.

Chairman Martin and  Company Secretary Leith still smiling at the end of the meeting
By mid afternoon the committee has assembled for their meeting which stretched on until the early evening by which time it was raining hard once more. The amount of water racing out of the main gate was just unbelievable.
The  gateway river

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