Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 23rd September 2017

A first glance this looked liked an ideal autumn training day with a clear blue sky. Step outside though and the gusty SE wind became all too apparent. The wind was 15knots at times with some considerable gusts. Regular readers of this blog will know that, with this wind strength and direction, approaches would be best described as "character forming" or perhaps challenging. Unfortunately this lead to the decision to cancel the fully booked air experience programme.

An innocent looking day
K13 G-DDMX completes another high energy approaches
We welcomed two new club members today, Lee Morgan who has decided to learn to fly with us and Mark Jermen, an experienced glider pilot, who has recently moved into the area. Both enjoyed their first flights with us in the gusty conditions. Everyone who wanted to fly did so in one of the K13's with either Mike Jardine or Rick Wiles, today's instructors.

Mark Jermen with Rick Wiles
Lee Morgan and Mike ready to go flying.
A frustrating day when it could have been so nice.



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