Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 30th September 2017

Surely September would go out on a high note. Watching the weather ( pilot's 2nd hobby ) for the week before there seemed to be a pattern; One day with a weak ridge of high pressure giving settled, pleasant weather, followed by a day with a weak frontal system giving low cloud and rain. At the start of the week it looked like Saturday would the good day but alas the fronts sped up and we ended up with the unflyable weak front instead. Regular readers will know that we have been here before.

Gordon and Lee discussing flying matters.
So, no flying but on with the myriad of tasks required to maintain that airfield and it's infrastructure. Before the work got underway, Instructor Gordon Dennis gave a very interesting lecture on Dark Matter to divert everyone's attention from flying. Gordon then returned from cosmic matters to flying giving new trainee pilot Lee Morgan his undivided attention.

Rick washing the mower before stripping it down.
Meanwhile, the mower was collected from the airfield, thoroughly cleaned and then disassembled ready for winter storage. Barry brought the launch hut down to the hangar and completed some repairs around the door.

A study in concentration; Barry fixing the launch hut door
So that was September then.


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