Dartmoor Gliding News-Wednesday 25th October 2017

The Wednesday regulars turned up to help Colin and the sorcerers apprentice rig the K8 and Zugvogel. All went well but the Zugogel elevator linkage was a tad fiddly to say the least!

Colin then finished the CofA and ARC for  both aircraft which are now ready for test flying. A huge thank you to Colin and Dave for all their hard work getting these single seaters ready for flying.

"One Wheel on my wagon" or wing of my K8 in this case
At work assembling the K8
Whilst the weather was great with no wind and a lot of sun with high clouds the airfield was just too wet to fly. In addition the ruts across the middle of the airfield really need sorting as soon as the field dries enough.

As can be seen from these pictures you wouldn't want to cross these tracks with a glider. The field is currently too wet to roll them hopefully in a few days the soil will firm up enough for us to do some remedial work.

Tractor marks left by our farmer? Top soils and roller required
Steve Fletcher

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