Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 28th October 2017

The day started bright and early with safety briefings for our 2 One Day Course Candidates, Sally Cunis and Paul Ryder. Meanwhile on the airfield Mike Bennett and Steve Fletcher were busy working on the tractor marks across the middle of the airfield left by the farmer until equipment failure ( Mike broke his rake ) sent them back to the clubhouse for tea and medals.

"What no rake". Does Mike look surprised or annoyed?
The weather briefing was well attended but the F215 ( Low level weather chart produced by the met office ) seemed to be very complex with almost anything possible from high cloudbases to occasional hill fog. With the wind being around 8 knots NW it was certainly flyable so it was off to the launchpoint.

One Day Course Candidate Paul Ryder with Steve Raine
Sally looks happy to be flying
First flight was Rick test flying the K8 prior to it's release for general club use. This went without a hitch. Next up was Steve Raine keeping current in DMX while Rick was up in the K8. This was followed by our One Day Course candidates Sally flying in HXP with me and Paul flying in DMX with Rick. These flights punctuated by a few K8 flights by club members.

Today's view from the top of a K8 launch - photo taken by Steve Fletcher
 The flying day progressed well until quite suddenly the cloudbase lowered and put and end to the fun. An early return to the hangar followed.

Allan getting out of the K8 as the cloudbase decends
Some further training continued with the simulator in the clubhouse but both Sally and Paul will need to return another to continue with their One Day Courses.

At least we flew.


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