Dartmoor Gliding News-Sunday 12 November 2017

The Met Office forecasts seem to have more repeats than digital TV channels. Although bathed in sunshine the airfield was wet and with a keen northwesterly wind in excess of 20 knots it was an easy decision to leave the aircraft in the hangar and declare yet another non-flying day. So the only thing was to settle down in the clubroom for hot teas and coffees.

Three wise men look at windsock to see how strong the wind is.
( Or maybe willing it to calm down? )
Martin occupied part of his time in the simulator to regain some sort of currency after his recent period away from flying. Hopefully we will get his wings back next week.

Martin getting a little practice
We did have a visit today by prospective junior member Marcus Jones and his family. Marcus is hoping to eventually go to university and study aeronautics and follow a career in aviation. The voice Dave Downton gave them a tour of the hangar, aircraft and airfield. Marcus spent some time in the simulator with me for some basic flying lessons. We look forward to his return soon to start learning to fly.

Let’s hope for some good weather and fly again next week.

Peter Howarth

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