Dartmoor Gliding News-Wednesday 8th November 2017

A beautiful sunny day met the Wednesday regulars. Phil Hardwick and I decided it was worth rigging and Bob, Robin and Alan decided they would fly the K8. Some very promising clouds formed but they just seemed too far away. We all had 2 flights each and took our turns in the winch.

K8 waiting to go on this beautiful sunny winter's day
The sorcerer and his apprentice had a break from working their magic in the workshop and came and watched us struggle to find lift. The best time for most of us was around 10 mins but as the sun got lower what lift there was disappeared. Well some of us thought it had, until Allan used his anti gravity device and stayed up for 15 mins!

Phil returns to terra firma in his Astir
One notable event was when we were preparing to launch Robin, just as Bob was saying all clear above and behind, Robin shouted 'stop stop stop I can't see' and released the cable. Well he could see but not awfully well as he had his reading glasses on not his distance glasses! So for those of us who are optically challenged and that includes me perhaps gcbsiftcbe might be the way to go.

Steve Fletcher

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