Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 8th December 2017

Today started with a beautiful sunrise as the sun appeared through the gaps in the dark looking clouds. There were weather warnings of high winds for most of the country but after a couple of hours work I headed to the airfield anyway. Looking towards Brentor as I left Plymouth did nothing to raise my hopes, there was a dark, glowering cloudsheet across the whole area. But by the time I arrived the lowest of the cloud had moved away. Good news. There was absolutely no wind. Unusual.

As the airfield was very wet, it was decided to operate with 1 K13 (G-DDMX) and the K8, using the quad bikes for towing duties and the landrovers confined to the centre track.

Light to no wind gave very calm flying conditions
What a nice flying day. Although there was no lift to sustain flights very much the air was glassy smooth making a circuit a very pleasant experience. Longest flight of the day was only 9 minutes by Allan Holland in the K8 who used a 1450 ft launch and a gentle minimum sink flight.

We welcomed 3 visitors today, Chris Duggan, Glyn Webstor and Michael Hills, who all enjoyed Air Experience flights.

Chris Duggan flew with me
Gly Webstor waiting for me and his first glider flight
Michael Hills flew with Steve Raine
  At the end of the day, after washing the gliders, it was discovered that the generator would not run properly. This gave Rick and Scratch an opportunity to get a bit oily and apply their usual diesel cologne while cleaning the filters and fuel pump to bring this venerable old machine back to life. Thanks chaps.

A pleasant day at the airfield.


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