Dartmoor Gliding News-Monday 7th May 2018

The sun was shining, an early start, 2x instructors , two k13s and 2 single seaters available, what’s not to like..... well, most members were balancing family commitments with flying.....as it turns out a good call. 

While waiting for enough members to start flying, Rick decided to spend his time efficiently mowing the runway..... until a belt broke on the mower, one to fix.

A low turnout ensured everyone played an important part in the days tasks enabling us to fly. Thanks all. 

No matter how much we tried to talk ourselves into the weather getting thermic it resisted.

It was thermic but a little too far away
With the solo pilots holding back to fly ,just in case it got ”better”  This meant we were able to fly Phil on a One Day Course, and trial lesson Stephen Talbot.
Phil and Peter after completing the one day course
Stephen Talbot and Rick
Both enjoyed the sunny flying and are welcome back anytime to continue the learning process.

When Rick had finished with the flying list for instructing he then started rolling the field between launches. It was however a little too vigorously for the ageing roller!

The wooden bearing just gave up
But as Rick is our very own “Mr fix it” it wasn’t long with the help of the assembled team and Ricks tool kit things were sorted. (Fix two)

You hold it I’ll hit it.. what could go wrong
Oh, in the interest of balance I may have forgotten to say that when moving the winch first thing in the morning I found the only soft ,wet area at the east end and got stuck with the tractor and winch. I was rescued by Rick and Phil with lots of skill, brute force and a tow rope. Sorry guys.

(Obviously I am not going to publish those photos on here )

All who wanted to fly ,flew, unheard of on a BANK HOLIDAY

Richard Roberts

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