Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 5th May 2018

Today started with an endless blue sky and light variable winds. Early in the morning the Tamar river valley was shrouded in the somewhat theatrically named "Radiation" fog; a sure sign of a good high pressure day.

Rick Wiles hosted the well attended morning briefing during which it was decided to field the 2*K13's and the Zugvogel ( nobody present felt any need to fly the K8 ). It was also decided to leave the airfield set as it was launching to the west although at times the very light winds were drifting from the east. This proved to be a good choice with the wind gradually going around to the west and strengthening to about 5 knots.

One Day Course Candidate Nick (on the right ) with his family.
Right from the first flight there were some thermals to be exploited, marked sometimes by cloud, sometimes not. Low down the thermals were very tight bubbles which generally got more organised ( and easier to use ) as height was gained. The question throughout the day was "will the sea air cut off convection?". In the event a convergence arrived over the runway at around 14:45 which provided an hour or so of additional entertainment ( better thermals ) before leaving us struggling to stay airborne in the cooler, heavier sea air. Great fun.

Visitor Susannah
Visitor Alan
We were joined today by Nick Weldon who was attending for his One Day Course.Nick worked his was through the course syllabus and, by the end of the day, was happily piloting the glider around in the buoyant air. We also welcomed Susannah Mulcock and Alan Horton who both enjoyed some soaring during their Air Experience flights.

The K13's waiting for the Zugvogel before returning to the hangar
 Thanks to all the usual suspects ( you know who you are ) for all the work put in to make this another successful club flying day.

All quiet once more at the end of the day


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