Dartmoor Gliding News-Wednesday 9th May 2018

A lovely sunny day greeted the early risers. The RASP forecast seemed overly optimistic predicting some  reasonable soaring around mid morning but thermic conditions deteriorating over lunch time. The aviation forecast was for the wind to veer round to the SW and slowly strengthen during the day. An occluded front was due over the far west of Cornwall about 1200 and some showers ahead of that could be expected with cloud steadily increasing from about 11.00.

Needless to say it didn’t work out like that. By 9.30 it was overcast and the wind was already freshening but rigidly staying from the South. Grey clouds loomed but as usual this didn’t stop us. After helping the sorcerer and his apprentice (Colin and Dave) de- rig DMX the very small Wednesday crew of Steve Raine, Phil Hardwick, Mike Sloggett and myself set up the field and took HXP to the launch point.

Visitor Angela Mitchell waiting for her Air Experience Flight
We had two trial flights arrive. The first to fly was Angela Mitchell from Cornwall. As conditions weren’t great she had two flights which she thoroughly enjoyed.  Next up was Peter Prynne from Ivybridge who is slowly working his way through a list of things he wants to do. A recent balloon flight and today two glider flights. He now wants to do a parachute jump, good for you Peter, personally I see no reason to jump out of a perfectly healthy aeroplane.

Not planning to use that parachute are you Peter?
After our happy visitors departed and with the weather deteriorating Mike offered to be ballast whilst I, followed by Phil had a quick flight and practised our cross wind landings. We then packed up the airfield and were all done and dusted by 1500 ready for the rain, which was forecast but needless to say, never arrived.

Steve surveying the view while trying to emulate Mike
A big thank you to Mike Sloggett for being duty instructor and therefore allowing us to fly and to Phil and Steve Raine for winching.

Best flight of the day was 7mins by Mike, hovering with minimal control inputs which I tried and failed to emulate!

Steve Fletcher

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