Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 30th June 2018

The current high pressure weather continues. The pressure has lowered a couple of hectopascals with a line of showers in the SW approaches threatening thunder storms this evening. The wind remains light easterly. Air temperatures were 29 degrees+ all day.

Was this part of a wave system? The beginnings of the roll cloud is in the foreground
For the most part the sky was blue and would remain this way throughout the day except for a peculiar looking roll cloud orientated east west. Was this set off by a different wave system? Was it a so called "Morning Glory" cloud? ( no sniggering please ). This cloud moved steadily to the north throughout the morning and early afternoon. Underneath it there was no apparent effect on soaring; at least. not at the heights we were flying at.

Underneath The roll cloud.
The roll cloud moving north
Initially flights showed very little rising air but by about 12.30 there were some strong thermals bubbles to be found along with some large areas of sink. This was the wave enhanced thermals that we have got used to over the last few weeks; strong, very small cores needing constant centering to use effectively; great fun and challenging in equal amounts. One pilot reported a weakish wave bar at 3000 feet but lost height pushing forward to find the hopefully stronger primary wave bar ( remember those areas of strong sink ) and then was too low to find the wave again. I am sure there is a lesson in there somewhere.

Even Brentor looks parched as the hot spell continues
Looking towards the runway from the west. Can you spot the K6 soaring a little lower?
There was lots of soaring throughout the day with many flights in excess of 30 minutes. Longest flight of the day was by Barry Green who flew his K6 for 1 hour 7 minutes only coming back to make the aircraft available for his syndicate partner.  

Richard Eastmond and family
Today we hosted 2 One Day Course candidates, Kevin Matthele and Richard Eastmond both of whom enjoyed soaring and learning to fly the K13 with me in the hot conditions.

One day Course Candidate Kevin
Our thanks once again must go to Heather for her retrieve driving, to the winch drivers for their patience sat in the winch watching everyone else soaring ( as a pilot this is VERY frustrating) and to those members who managed the puncture repair on DMX with the speed and agility befitting a Fornula One team ( well nearly).


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