Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 22nd September 2018

After the heavy winds of the first named storm of the season this week todays winds was relatively light. That was the end of the good news, unfortunately, low cloud and continuous rain put paid to any chance of flying today. A few hardy souls were to be found at the airfield.

The view from the east end.
The busiest, by far, was Scratch who was working his way through a list of mechanical defects on the vehicles. First up was the red Discovery which has had some serious issues with the front brakes. Scratch managed to accertain that he had all the correct spares for the job but unfortunately the calliper retaining bolts were so rusted in place that a major strip down of the whole suspension assembly will be required to allow for these to be drilled out. His next job was to replace the auxiliary drive belt and tensioner on the Vitara. This was duly completed completed and surprise surprise the previous battery and power steering faults have disappeared. Excellent.

Scratch working on the Aux belt with Ged looking on
Remanufacturing the Vitara's driver's door lock.  
The simulator now sports 5 screens arranged to give a 180 degree view of the action. This will not only make teaching circuits and winch launching possible but also enhance the general realism of the experience.

By mid afternoon, as we left the airfield, it was still raining.

Hopefully the weather will improve for next week.


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