Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 8th September 2018

The hardcore of Saturday pilots were at the starting blocks early as per the duty instructors request.

The morning Forecast was ok so we got the team together and had the morning brief in the club house. By the time we came out ready and eager to launch the mist had descend and the wet stuff fell.

Aircraft ready, airfield ready , pilots briefed and ready, weather oh ....... Didn’t see that coming

The best laid plans of mice and men/women and all that. More tea I think. But an hour later we were getting the gliders into the air.

A Grey overcast Day
One day course was Paul Snell , a retired Chaplin and now adventurous traveler.
Paul flew initially with Rick and later with Steve and as the weather improved so did Paul’s upper aircraft handling, hope to see you back again soon.

One Day Course CAndidate Paul Snell with Rick
The other visitors Gordon Smith ,Graham Hancock and Brian Johnson all had one or more flights , some lucky enough for an extended circuit in reduced sink.

Visitor Brian Johnson
Gordon Smith enjoying his flight

Visitor Graham Hancock
As the day went on the cross wind freshened and the k8 was stowed to one side as it was deemed a
little too much crosswind.

Pilot's eye view of the North side of the airfoeld
The heavier k13s continued to fly club members and good progress was made by all.

Steve Lewis continued the BI flying and achieved longest flight of the day in the process.

Thanks to those who helped run the field all day and didn’t fly. You know who you are.

Richard Roberts

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