Dartmoor Gliding News-Wednesday 24th October 2018

A small but beautifully formed Wednesday crew turned up to be met by thick fog and NNW fresh breeze across the runway. After the usual deliberations and a cup of tea we set the field up and waited. I decided to rig my Cirrus and as the fog dispersed and the wind moderated to about 10 to 15 knots I decided to launch. Given a rasp forecast of no thermic activity and not a cumulus cloud to be seen no one else felt the desire to rig.
The view from the North ridge
So off I went and found just a bit of lift off the slope to the North side of the airfield which I managed to use to keep myself aloft for a bit longer than if I had found nothing, best of the 4 flights was only 11 minutes though. Whilst I was enjoying myself Heather cleared up and hoovered the club hut and then painted around the new , 'shop' board. A huge thank you to Barry for winching and to Phil and John Smith for launching me and to heather for driving the retrieve, what lovely people we have at the club, thanks folks

Steve Fletcher

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