Dartmoor Gliding News-Wednesday 31st October 2018

Due to work commitments I arrived at the airfield after lunch where the team had everything prepared ready for the flying to commence.

The RASP was not looking good for the day but we got on with the flying programme. First up, two flights with Robin to work towards getting him current again. Next up was John Smith. John and I sat in the K13 waiting for a break in the clouds that had moved in from the South East.

The break never came and with a cloud base at around 500 -600 feet I called it a day and we moved to the warmth of the club house where new member John O’Connell tried his hand on the simulator under the watchful eye of Colin Boyd.

John trying out the simulator while Colin looks on from the back seat.
Thanks to all for the preparation.

Mike Jardine

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