Dartmoor Gliding News-Sunday 18th November 2018

Well today started with 6 members and a couple of visitors from Northill on site by 845am. Then thankfully the club members continued to arrive giving us all the help we needed to open the airfield.

The forecast was for a lively easterly wind gusting at various points to 22 knots at low level. Although not ideal conditions that lend themselves to learning the sport of gliding for the inexperienced ,for the more experienced pilots and instructors that were all hoping for wave flying in some form it looked promising.

Andy Davey rigging in readiness for what was coming
(photo Richard R)
 The weather check flight was done by cfi Mark Courtney and Roger Appleboom , launch height of 1800ft with wave found in the immediate area over the winch.

The approach was buoyant but within limits so the private gliders were rigged. (Zugvogel 3b, k6cr, discus x2 (V5 and visitor FER ))

The club flying list was worked through with a joint effort from Mark c and Steve w using the k13s. Thanks guys. As the day progressed the day got better and better with regular heights for k13s of 4-6000ft

Wave straight off the launch(Photo Richard R)
The private gliders explored the upper limits with Roger A -7,500ft, Steve W- 8,000ft , Richard R -10,000ft and top of the pops Andy D -12,000ft

Roger Appleboom (k6cr)took this  beautiful photo looking south towards Plymouth sound. 
Still climbing at 5.6 knot at 9,000ft. Photo Richard Roberts (Discus bw V5)
Thanks must go to the solid team who chose to help out and not fly , Alan,Leith, Colin and team Northill were a massive help, we really are grateful. 

Unfortunately the last two flights of the day failed to connect to the wave , we assume the bars had shifted a little.  All aircraft put to bed and fence etc sorted by 4:20pm.


Thanks to all.

Richard Roberts

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