Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 29th June 2019

The forecast for today was for low cloud and poor visibility- this was a puzzle- in Plymouth, 17 miles away, on the coast the sky was endlessly blue. The wind was gentle. Keen to make the best of the day A K13 was fielded with one of the K8's.

Poor visibility with the predicted low cloud, 
We welcome 2 visitors toady. Mick Halls, today's One Day Course Candidate and Craig Hinchcliffe who is learning to fly at North Hill but spent the day with us with his wife as they was camping nearby and decided that exploring Dartmoor wouldn't be complete without a visit to us.
DSGC visitor Craig Hinchcliffe
One day course candidate Mick Halls
Initially the sky was just overcast with 8/8th cloud with a few lower clouds scudding by but as the day wore on the cloudbase lowered and by 1pm a halt had to be called to the flying. After waiting foir an improvement which never came the gliders were put away after the K13 had a tyre and tube change.

looking down at pockets of cloud from 1300 feet
While flying was curtailed Phill and Rick took the opportunity to make some repairs to the mower and attach it to the green tractor. Mowing seems to be a full time job at the moment.

The cloudbase continued to lower and by 5pm was at the top of the trees. This obscured the view of the Red Arrows as they flew by after their display in the beautifully clear conditions. We heard them go by to the east but had no view at all..

Better next week? I hope so.


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