Dartmoor Gliding News-Wednesday 16th October 2019

A very rare occurrence today at Dgs.

Due to sickness (get better soon Peter) we had to cancel the trial lessons and were unable to use club aircraft due to no instructors being available to run the airfield.

However a slightly confused message for today’s blog- brainteaser question.... if the hanger doors were only ever opened by this much.... and the winch wasn’t moved .....how did we fly?

Lights are off and nobody’s home-or are they?
Well... with a Wednesday team of old and new members we got the airfield ready as the Gus winch was already in place,and agreed on just one vehicle and two quads to minimise risk of damage to the wet ground. 

The hanger doors remained as above, but we were joined by licensed pilots.

Rigging the open cirrus , k6cr and astir was done stages, between the light spots of rain. 

Hugh's k6, Phils Astir and Steve’s Open Cirrus.
All under a grey October sky
Hugh was the one to make the most of the opportunity presented with an epic 13min in the k6 for flight of the day. 

Hugh taking off 
Returning member Jon Pullen was unable to get into the air today ,but that didn’t stop him getting involved. He spent time getting some training on the log keeping and launch control.

Today’s Prototype jaguar model that can literally do flying laps!
....but before you place an order .....parking in town may be an issue!!
So ,Thanks to everyone for playing your part enabling pilots to get the maximum out of a modest October day.

Next time.....

Richard Roberts

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