Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 16th November 2019

After what seems like weeks of rain, the forecast today was predicting a mostly dry day. The wind was light and variable between N and NE. The airfield was set up with the launchpoint at the west end and the Supercat winch at the east end.

The morning briefing was well attended and it was obvious as we were only fielding one K13 and one K8 we would need to stay efficient to ensure everyone had the flying that they wanted.

Te sky looked like this for most of the day
By 10:30 the early morning orographic low cloud had moved away and it was game on. The launch point stayed on track all day with no unexpected delays. Launching from the west always gives a lower launch rate than flying from the east as the launching aircraft are delayed by the landing ones. The top field is far too wet to touch down there other than in an emergency.

The first few flights were treated to the view of the lower clouds moving away to the north
Never the less by last launch at 4:30 we had achieved 31 launches including 6 launches with our One Day Course candidate Philip Dent and 3 launches with new member John Allan who returned today to commence his flying training after completing a successful One Day Course several weeks ago. Everyone who wanted to fly did so and the instructors even managed to give extra flights to our trainess as the worked down the flying list for a second time.

One Day Course candidate Philip Dent  
New member John Allan being briefed by today's instructor Mike Jardine
Excellent team work everyone. And was there any soaring? Well no, even though the sky looked like there were wave bars around, the longest flight of the day was a lowly 8 minutes. But trying was fun anyway.

Philip Dent watches the K8 after helping to launch it
The K8 launching into a mostly Blue sky

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