Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 26th October 2019

With the yellow warning for rain and flooding in place until this afternoon, this was always going to be a non flying day. It rained steadily throughout the day discouraging any outdoor work. The good news is that the main drain fitted a couple of years ago is doing it's work and the cross track which used to get washed out every year is still looking like new. A definite step forward.
What's in here then?
Opening the Skylark trailer 
Was the airfield deserted? No, member Shaun Parrimore was here with a delegation from Rattlesden Gliding Club ( Suffolk ). They came to inspect Shaun's Skylark 3 which they promptly bought. I hope you enjoy flying this venerable, British aircraft.

Skylark 3 fuselage
Inspecting the wing centre section
In the clubhouse, David Archer was with instructor Mike Jardine discussing winch launching and other flying subjects. Good use of the time David. 

Mike Bennet put in an appearance to deliver the refurbished ground radios and to check out the contractors work on the leveled pad for the new MT store / workshop.

Hoping for better weather


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