Dartmoor Gliding News-Wednesday 6th November 2019

With the jet stream sitting over the UK, depressions continue to track over the southwest. Although we got the airfield ready, we only managed two flights before the gaps between the clouds closed over. So another day with little or no flying. This has had an effect on some members, who could later be seen contemplating suicide from the top of the bus.

Is this high enough? The bus will eventually become the new launchpoint
Meanwhile in the clubhouse, Scratch and Phil were busy fitting the new wood burner. After packing away we were rewarded with a warm clubhouse.

The new wood burner up and running.
Before we left, outside the hangar was turned into a carwash. Richard was found giving the new vehicles a quick wash. He was helped by Martin and myself with the pressure washer.

The DGS carwash.
Thank you to all who turned up and helped with the various tasks. Lets hope the jet stream changes course and we are rewarded with some more settled weather so we can all fly again

Peter Howarth

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