Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 28th December 2019

The weather was much calmer today with light winds and no rain. Unfortunately, the cloud base was barely above the top of the trees all day, in fact even the church was in the cloud all day. This is maybe 200 feet above the runway.

There were a lot of members on the field today, all determined to push our current projects forward. The majority put their minds to the roof for the vehicle hangar. Over the course of the day all the roof fittings were assembled onto the inner edges of the 2 containers. The metal roof trusses were sorted and assembled but here the project hit a slight hiatus. We now need some mechanical help to raise the roof trusses into position. They are too heavy and unwieldy to do this by hand. Watch this space for the next instalment.

Team working on the Vehicle Hangar Project
Instructors Mike and Rick fitting the roof base to the northern container

"Good view from here Petunia"
Notice the very low cloud and  K6 FUB out of it's trailer
Team effort- testing the fit of the arch
While all this fun was being had, Roger and Barry Green along with me dug as trench from the generator house to the first container, installed an armoured cable between the two and then back filled after first laying in the warning tape to ( hopefully ) stop the cable being dug up in the future. This was quite heavy work and reminded me that i'm definitely getting older. New years resolution - go to the gym.

Roger swinging the pick
Good looking trench

The tape over the cable to protect future members
In the hangar, Mike Bennet and Hugh Gascoyne were conducting major refurbishment to their K6 trailer which also involved quite a bit of welding from Scratch. Scratch always seems to have the welder out. Big boy toys obviously.

Mysterious goings on in the hangar
In the clubhouse the newly improved simulator was put to good use particularly by Dave Archer who manager a fairly long session practicing control co-odination and attitude control using a simulated Duo Discus. Good ambitions Dave.

Dave in the simulator making another left turn
Lets hope for flying weather soon.


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