Dartmoor Gliding News-Wednesday 4th December 2019

With a forecast light variable winds, the main decision to make was which end to fly from. Having put up a windsock this confirmed the RASP forecast which gave a light northeasterly, possibly backing to a more easterly flow in the afternoon. So the field was set up to fly from the west end.

View from the launchpoint at start of the day
The first flight took off at 09:56 with Robin Wilson and myself in the K13.

Robin preparing to fly.
We were visited to day by Paul Davie a BI from London Gliding Club. He was at Dartmoor to view Leith’s Dart with a view to buy. He was keen to fly and sample the views that our club offers of Dartmoor and surrounding area. After a couple of flights he was even more keen to possibly return and fly with us again. We look forward to Paul joining us in the future.

Paul Davie set to fly
The K8 was kept busy, with Steve Fletcher, Andy Davey, Barry Green, Martin Broadway Malcolm Wilton Jones and Bob Sansom all taking turns to maintain recency.

Hugh Gasgoine Jumped into the back seat of the K13 and flew me around practicing patter and flying in preparation for BI training next year.

After a long stint getting conversant with the supacat winch, Martin Cropper returned to the launch point and jumped into the K8. He could be seen circling to the north of the airfield and eventually returned after 19 minutes.

Martin happy thinking he had achieved flight of the day.
Having completed the flying list for the K13, I decided to jump into the K8 after Martin. I launched with Martin’s words of wisdom “He’ll be after the longest flight” ringing in my ears. So could I do it. Circling in weak lift which was only enough to maintain height and even make a modest climb of 100ft, I returned after 22 minutes to  pip Martin’s time.

Synchronised retrieve of the K13 and K8.
Whilst I was flying Phil Hardwick jumped into the back seat of the K13 to practice BI patter and flying with Martin.

Thank you to winch drivers, retrievers and all who helped at the launch point.  We achieved a steady launch rate throughout the day and achieved 25 flights which is good for this time of year.

Peter Howarth

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