Dartmoor Gliding News-Wednesday 5th February 2020

With the best day of the week forecast and storm Ciara due to arrive over the weekend, it was hardly surprising that more members than usual gradually turned up today. With eight members requiring check flights or training I made the not ideal decision to only do single flights to start, with hopefully time to go through the list a second time, The K8 would be utilised by 6 other members. It was also hoped that Colin would come to the airfield to complete the paperwork on HXP’s ARC and authorise the test flight so it can return to the fleet.

After flying with John Allen, John O’Connell, Ray Boundy and Robin Wilson, HXP was brought to the launch point by Colin. I swapped aircraft to give it a test flight.

HXP returning to the air.
After a successful flight and some minor tweaks it was given the all clear to continue flying. Having the second aircraft available, Hugh took the opportunity to fly with Roger Green to do some BI practice.
Hugh ready to fly with Roger.
Roger also flew with Akos Imets to enforce primary effects and general lookout.

I then returned to the training list and flew with David Westcott, and Dave Downton.

John O’Connell doing ABCD checks before flying.
During the afternoon Martin Cropper was able to come to the airfield to give some assistance with the training. He flew with Peter Mountford and Ray Boundy.

Peter and Martin ready to go.
The K8 returns.
A good day’s flying with a total of 26 flights. The longest flight of the day was by Malcolm in the K8. A good days flying with everybody managing to fly. Thank you to the winch drivers and retrieve drivers for providing a steady service. Also to everybody else for keeping the launch point moving as well.

Peter Howarth

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