Dartmoor Gliding News-Wednesday 4th March 2020

A couple days of drier weather, would we be able to fly? Not a chance. Overnight rain and continuing throughout the day ended any thoughts of flying. Inspection of the field revealed jus how bad things were.

Looking east over what is usually a better area of the field.
As members arrived we set about continuing some of the projects underway at the club. First up was the topping out ceremony of the new bus launch tower. After lifting the roof onto the bus it was placed in it’s final resting place.

Roof secured in place.
After this PVC cladding was put in place to protect the wooden structure.

Completed roof.
The next task was to cut the hole in the roof of the bus that will allow access to the completed control position.

John cutting the access hole.
The green army were back on site to continue the electrical installation in the two containers. By the end of the day all the conduits were in place along with socket and switch boxes.

Conduits being installed.
Sockets ready for some cabling.
Scratch was also at the club to refit the alternator to the green tractor. The electrical problem was diagnosed to some faulty cabling in the ignition circuit. Hopefully the new portable jump start unit will not be required for a while.

Thank you to everybody who was at the club today. Good progress was made with the various projects. A special thankyou to Heather who was back at the club keeping a steady flow of teas and coffees to the workers.

Peter Howarth

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