Dartmoor Gliding Club News-Saturday 5th September 2020

 With RASP promising improving conditions and good soaring later the airfield was soon set up with the winch at the west end.

The wind was more or less westerly
But the day was not a good as it looked
Mike took the photo of me checking out the ASI after retrimming 
First flight of the day was me flying the K13 with Mike Jardine in the front seat to ensure that a summer of single seater flying had not somehow undermined my K13 skills, after which Mike continued his work with trainee pilot John O'Connell. 

The sky looked good but there was very little lift to be found. Step up Malcolm and the SF27 who managed to launch into a thermal that kept him airbourne for a dizzying 25 minutes. 

Barry flying the SF27
Hugh assisting Andy in his Libelle
Hugh's K6 waiting for the improvement.

About this time our first visitor since lockdown began, Tobias Simmonds, arrived for his air experience flight. Tobias and I were soon in the air in the K13 where we found a weak thermal which took us to a little over 2000 feet overhead Cox Tor. We headed back through remarkably smooth air arriving overhead Brentor church at a little over 1500 feet. This was particularly interesting to Tobias who is plaaning his upcoming wedding there. We were now in strong lift but it was time to go back so we airbraked down to circuit for an uneventful return to the runway. Total flight time 20 minutes.

Tobias and I waiting for the cable
A great view of Brentor Church

Was this the start of the forecast improving soaring conditions. Well no. There were a few extended flights during the afternoon the longest of which was Rick with 19 minutes in the SF27.

Our thanks to all those how helped make this a successful day.


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