Dartmoor Gliding News-Friday 4th September 2020

 Friday of soaring week began with the now familiar low cloudbase moist conditions.  Today’s trainee was Peter Mountford who had travelled from Helston to be with us.  

There were plenty of members and tasks to be getting on with and as the morning passed the cloud showed signs of lifting.  By lunchtime conditions were favourable enough for us to begin launching and so we set off to the east end with a K-13 in tow.  Peter, a former power pilot, having flown only once (Monday) since last year, capably demonstrated his feel for flying and comfort in the environment.  Four launches later he in control for all save the initial and final parts of the flight.  So having made good progress over two days we hope to see Peter back again in the near future. 

Trainee Peter Mountford prepares to start pre-flight checks in K-13 HXP.
Thanks go to Mike Bennett for winching and to Peter Howarth for helping out at the launchpoint.

Martin Cropper

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