Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 26th September 2020

 Originally this was to be a non instructor day but due to late change in plans Mike Jardine became available and our trainees were quick to take advantage of this. The northerly wind and the weak looking clouds did not bode well for any soaring but a little thermal activity promised by RASP was enough to  get us to the launch point.

Socially distanced pilot briefing
We fielded 2 K13s today. Mike was using HXP and Rick was using DMX to have a final practice of the exercises that he will need to demonstrate at his FULL CAT Acceptance Course tomorrow.

John O'Connel; with Mike
Dave Archer ( with Whinne the Pooh hat )
Mike first 5 training flights were just circuits made interesting only by the change of circuit to land on the stub runway in the strong northerly wind. Then came John Allan's 3rd flight when, with a some tight turns over the north ridge. HXP was headed skywards in what must have been a very strong thermal. In fact, the climb peaked at 9 knots and they ended up over Tavistock at 3400 feet returning to the airfield after 29 minutes. 
9kts on the vario taking John Allen past 2600 feet to 3400.
Looking back at the airfield from Tavistock at 3400 feet
For several hours both K13s made repeated soaring flights culminating in a day best flight of 45 minutes by Mike with new member Chris Maciejowski. At 4.30 the thermals just switched off again and the rest of the day was back to circuits.

HXP launches again
Tavistock and the Tamar estuary from 3400 feet
A surprisingly good day


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