Dartmoor Gliding News- Wednesday 30th September 2020

 With the forecast of low cloud and heavy rain to continue through to late afternoon, it was going to be a no flying day. The assembled small group of members set about various tasks around the club.

Gavin Short spent a large part of the day re-organising the paperwork for the new K13 G-DCCY into year order similar to all the other club aircraft. During this exercise it was found that the placard speed for the Auto/Winch launch was different to that for the other K13’s. After discussion and investigation, it was found that the existing placard quoted the speed of 54knts which is correct if a black link is used. As we use a brown link at DGS, this will be amended to 65knts to align with the other K13’s.

In the hangar various tasks were being undertaken under the guidance of Colin. The two K13’s and K8 GDK had a new sticker positioned on the nose. This has the instruction to not push the nose down by placing your hands on the nose. This will prevent damage to the noses and a regular need to repaint the nose area of the aircraft.

The new NO PUSH instruction.
The CoA/ARC on K8 GDK was progressed with Colin inspecting the wings. Excess movement in the airbrake control system was diagnosed to a worn securing bolt at the wing root. After replacing with a new bolt and washers the play was brought back into limits. It was also discovered that there was a couple of broken ribs. Again, one of the damaged areas was at the wing tip. This is most likely caused by the placing of tyres on the tip We must all be extra careful placing tyres onto the wing tip, laying the tyres gently from the leading edge and supporting until the tyre completely rests on the surface.

The wings were moved from the hangar into the workshop ready for the repairs. This necessitated removing the completed fuselage of G-DCCY from the workshop which was positioned in the hangar ready for rigging and re-weighing.

K8 wings in workshop.
K13 G-DCCY in the hangar.
On the nose of K8 GDK an access patch that had been left unpainted was given a coat of white paint to help blend it into the rest of the paintwork.

Repainted patch.
With the rain still continuing it was decided to cancel the evening flight of the booked visitor.

A day with no flying, but as usual there is always something to be done at a gliding club. Thank you to all who were at the club today and the help with all the tasks undertaken.

Peter Howarth

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