Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 31st October 2020

 Arriving at the airfield in the midst of Storm Alden things looked hopeless. A westerly gale was howling through the trees and the torrential rain had the drains working overtime. The hangar apron and gate area was awash with the run off.

This drain clears the water coming down the centre track
The hangar apron was awash
So, on with the work then. In the hangar various tasks were undertaken on the aircraft. it is nice to have time to complete some "fettling" tasks on the club aircraft. In the Winch Store,  Scratch was working on the refurbishment of the Gus Launch winch. In the clubhouse Rick was in full lecture mode.

Rick demonstrating double PPE use
As the morning wore on the rain finally stopped which allowed me to clear the western gate drains to prevent any possible water damage to the site entrance.

Conditions changed remarkable quickly.
After a late, lazy lunch most of the clouds had rolled away and the wind had abated somewhat. A quick pitch inspection revealed a possible short flying window. The airfield was set up and HXP was taken to the east end launch point. 

Dave with Rick getting ready
There was just about enough time for everyone to have a flight to maintain recency with lockdown2 looming before the end of the week. After 4 uneventful circuits, with a tangle on the winch and heavy shower heading our way it was over and the kit was quickly put away.

Showers heading our  way.
We made the best of the day


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