Dartmoor Gliding News-Wednesday 4th November 2020

After the recent unsettled weather, the day dawned with an early morning frost. The forecast was for light winds east of north and no rain for a change. A good day for the gathering pilots to maintain recency(currency) prior to the start of lockdown the following day.

Autumn has arrived at DGS.
A K13 and the K8 were readied and towed to the west end ready to start flying. The SF27 was found to have a puncture which Colin set about fixing with the aid of a couple of volunteers. After a socially distant briefing at the launch point, first to fly was John Smith with me in the K13.

John Smith getting ready to fly.
The K8 GDK required a test flight following it’s recent CofA and ARC. Up steppe our fleet manager, Gavin. Following a quick circuit the K8 was released ready for general flying.

Next into the K13 with me was John O’Connell

K13 with John and I returning to the launch point.
Both of the John’s enjoyed another two flights each later in the afternoon.

Mary Tavy and Dartmoor.

After his stint on the winch Malcolm returned to the launch point and it was soon his turn in the K8. After launching into what looked a more promising sky, he was seen slowly climbing away near the church. He managed to stay aloft for 46 minutes to claim flight of the day and remained the only soaring flight of the day.

Gavin requested a flight with me to undertake a cable break practice in the K13. Unknown to him I managed to get the winch driver to initiate a power failure. This was not what he was expecting, but flew the exercise well. Motto, be prepared for anything to happen.

Solo pilots, Richard Roberts, Phil Hardwick, Steve Fletcher, Roger Green, Martin Broadway, Barry Green and Gavin all too turns in the K8, but could not emulate Malcolm’s successful flight.

Richard and Phil enjoying the autumn sun.
Alan & Colin at the launch point.
Just before we finished, Steve Lewis took Heather for a quick flight in the K13. This was a reward after she had spent a long period in the clubhouse tidying up prior to lockdown. Thank you Heather.

Steve and Heather all masked up.
Unbeknown to us we were being spied on from afar. Whilst walking the dogs Martin Cropper took this view of the airfield from Cox Tor.

Airfield from Cox Tor.
Thank you to everybody for a good day’s flying. Keep yourselves safe and well and hopefully we will be back flying in December.

Peter Howarth

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