Thursday 3rd March 2011

The gliders were ready, the sky was ready, the ground was drying out, was wave developing for the Kelly College Students?

Then we got started with the Cadets keen to get involved in moving the gliders and assisting with the launches.

Instruction was being given by Ged and Don because of the good conditions and lenghts of flights the cadets had the opportunity for excellent hands on experience.
And following the previous months classroom theory and simulator work they were able to put this knowledge into practice.  Flights of up to half an hour were being achieved in the developing wave conditions.

To add to that experience Don also demonstrates his flamenco dancing skills.

Thanks go to Alan Ballard on the winch and Matthew Mackay for taking charge of the cables and keeping the sheep clear of the landing area.  It proved to be a good afternoons flying.

There were smiles all round, this was evidence of a successful afternoons flying.
Mike Jardine

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