Saturday 14th April 2012

The somewhat dire forecast of heavy showers and possible  thunderstorms kept most members away today. The hardy few who turned up were treated to a perfectly usable flying day.

The bad weather could be seen perhaps two miles to the west and during the day it also circled around to the south but it never got to the airfield. One advantage of this was that we were treated to some soaring on the large areas of rising air that can often be found on the leading edges of showers. Good fun.

Other news is that junior Matthew Wiles passed his driving test yesterday, 16 months after his first solo flight on his 16th birthday, and immediately demanded to commence his winch driver training. He seems pretty good already. I was treated to a couple of great launches while instructing in the K13; speed nailed all the way up and launch heights just short of 1400 feet. Leading the way again Matthew.

Matthew - trainee winch driver.
Yet more junior news this week is that Richard Williamson has received a bursary of £300 towards the costs of achieving his silver badge from the Royal Aero Club Trust. Well done Richard

Richard is obviously happy with his news
At the end of the day, we de-rigged K7M G-DBVB ready for it’s C of A and ARC tomorrow.


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