Wednesday 11th April 2012

Like yesterday, today quickly developed into a good soarable day, providing well-defined cumulus with bases of around 3,000 feet.

The whole fleet was in action, with both two-seaters kept busy with trial lessons, some introductory flights for a couple of Mike Keller's friends, and some more routine training (and soaring!) for members.

We were true to our word in ensuring that Joe Morel was compensated for the time he spent working in the hangar last week, with a good soaring flight and a couple of stub landings. Meanwhile, despite arriving well into the afternoon, Dominic, the commanding officer of Kelly College CCF, found himself airborne and being put through his paces by Ged. Once again, our visitors received personal attention - both on the ground and in the air - from Steve Lewis, who is clearly relishing his B.I. role (in addition to coping with all the challenges which go with being Chairman of the club).

The soaring potential today was there for all to enjoy - with some managing to exploit it more successfully than others. Several of our more experienced pilots managed flights of over an hour, and Phil Hardwick severed the 'apron strings' which tie most pilots to Brentor and headed in the direction of North Hill. Unfortunately, with rain showers threatening as he worked his way along the north side of the Moor, he abandoned his task after an hour and a half and returned to let his syndicate partner, Andrew Beaumont, do some flying.

We were pleased once again to welcome a regular visitor from Culdrose, with his Mini Nimbus G-EEER ( great registration for a Cornwall based glider), but our powers of persuasion were insufficient to get him to put the wings on.

Equipment-wise, this week's innovation was the debut of the 'new' Land Rover Discovery, ( purchased with funds generated from the the sale of the old Landrover given to us by the now defunct Cornish Gliding Club ) which provided comfortable transport for our guests as well as undertaking the myriad routine tasks which our vehicles perform. 

All in all, a good - and hopefully enjoyable - day's effort by all members who were present.

Bob Pirie

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